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Ottawa has many fine IT consulting firms in the Ottawa/Gatineau region, probably more than is needed for the region. Below is a list of some of the IT consulting companies that we have dealt with in the National Capital Region of Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Names of contacts for some firms are included if I have meet or worked with them. Only companies that have impressed me the most make it to this list.

This is not necessarily an endorsement of their services as your mileage could vary depending on the people you end up dealing with. If you don't see a particular firm in the list, it could mean that I haven't meet with them yet, that they haven't been very active in finding opportunities for me, or that I simply haven't had a chance to add them to my list yet. It should not be seen as an implication that there is anything wrong with them by any means.

If you've had a particularly positive experience with a specific firm, leave me a comment below. Be sure to include your real name and email address or your comment will be disregarded.

Did You know? Not all people have the same skills and level of interest in working with you. If you aren't getting a good feeling from the representative you are speaking with when you first call, don't assume that this is a reflection of the company. Take a chance and call back. Ask to speak with a different technical recruiter, maybe even their senior technical recruiter, resource manager or . A great relationship with these folks is crucial as they will in turn be marketing you to their sales team so you want the best person representing your interests.

Important Tip: Don't just send them your resume. Telephone them and arrange to go meet them in person for an information meeting to learn about their organization and the current state of the industry so that you can best position yourself to serve their needs. It's a lot easier to get an information meeting than an interview. Their goals are in alignment with yours. These people actually want to see you succeed because each time they place someone, they make money.

Remember, nothing will make as much of a difference as impressing someone in person the first time you meet them. Be prepared by doing your homework, knowing your resources and using them well.

Coradix Technology Consulting

I have work through them and receive regular inquiries from them. They seem to be a very decent company to work with. They have one of the simplest and most reasonable service agreements for consultants that I have seen to date. Although their terms of payment is 30 days, you will usually see payment within 7 days unless you don't submit your time sheet and invoice on time. They are super strict about this. If you are late, payment ends up being the full 30 days. They are a pleasure to work with.

Julie van Rijn
Coradix Technology Consulting
222 Somerset St W Suite 500
Ottawa, ON K2P 2G3
Tel: 613-234-0800

Note: They have been known to help consultants get their Government of Canada security clearance.

NewFound Recruiting

I have work through them and receive regular inquiries from them. They seem to be a very decent company to work with. I have never had any trouble getting paid by them. However I do have a colleague who had a poor experience with one of their recruiters who solicited all of her references and past clients listed on her resume. I have been assured that this recruiter is no longer with NewFound. Ashley is great to work with and my experience was great from Day 1 with her.

Ashley Raymond
NewFound Recruiting
450 March Rd #102
Kanata, ON K2K 3K2
Tel: 613- 435-6607

Note: They have been known to help consultants get their Government of Canada security clearance.

Excel ITR (Information Technology Resources)

I have work through them and receive regular inquiries from them. I also have colleagues who have often partnered with EXCEL ITR in the past to bid on contracts. They all reports that they are a very decent company to work with. They typically pay invoices within 7 days though their contracts state that it could be up to 30 days. This can vary from one contract to the next so always make sure that you confirm the terms of payment before you sign a contract to avoid surprises.

Jezsica Sim
Excel ITR
102 Bank Street, 3rd Floor
Ottawa, ON K1P 5N4
Tel: 613-230-5393

Note: They have been known to help consultants get their Government of Canada security clearance.

This company is related to Altis Professional and Excel HR.

Procom Consultants Group

By far I get more inquiries from them than from any other consulting firm. Procom has offices across Canada so you can work with them wherever you go. They pay your invoices in 7 days billable every two weeks. As of June 2013, Procom also offers a free membership to the APCC (Association of Professional Computer Consultants).

Edmund Watson
Procom Consultants Group
300 March Road, Suite 600
Kanata, ON K2K 2E2
Tel: 613-270-9339

Note: They have been known to help consultants get their Government of Canada security clearance.

TEKsystems Canada

As far as consulting companies go, far I have enjoyed doing business with them. Their parent company is from the US. I recommend that you read your consulting services agreement. Despite what they say, the terms are negotiable but you may need to push hard to get past their standard "we can't change that". Just be sure to be reasonable in your expectations and have a good reason for each change. Once the contract is signed, it is smooth sailing with them from there on. They pay with a week or two depending on the terms of your contract and if you submit your timesheet/invoice on time.

Chris Quinlan
TEKsystems Canada
1130 Morrison Drive, Suite 310
Ottawa, Ontario K2H 9N6
Tel: 613-726-3000

Note: They have been known to help consultants get their Government of Canada security clearance.

Modis Canada (Formerly Ajilon Consulting)

I was very impressed with Ajilon. I've worked on several contracts though them and they have always been very up-front and honest about everything. Like TEKsystems, Modis will pay you though direct deposit as often as once a week, depending on when you invoice them. Any week you invoice them by Friday noon, they pay you the following week on Friday.

Modis is always looking for resources in every area, but especially people who present themselves well, know their stuff, and are reliable. If you are interested, I would recommend you contact them to setup a meeting (very important).

Modis Canada (Ottawa)
Suite 1206, 155 Queen Street
Ottawa, ON K1P 6L1
Tel: 613-786-3106

Note: I have known them to help consultants get their Government of Canada security clearance.

Note: The person I dealt with in the past was Kent Blackburn who has since moved on to Tiree. I have not dealt with that company but, if Kent is working there, I assume that they are likely a good company.


This is the company I started out with when I first started in IT. Although they have been around for many years, they still feel like a young and vibrant organization.

Kris Robillard
2327 St. Laurent Blvd., Suite 100
Ottawa, ON K1G 4J8
Tel: 613-736-6120

Note: I have known them to help consultants get their Government of Canada security clearance including myself.

David Aplin Group

The David Aplin Group deals exclusively with the private sector.

Technical Recruiter
David Aplin Group
81 Metcalfe Street, Suite 500
Ottawa, ON  K1P 6K7
Tel: 613-691-5201

Note: I met with Vu Ha here. Unfortunately he has since moved on. As far as recruiters go, his knowledge of technology and the industry is current and unparalleled thanks to his technical background. I love dealing with people like this.

Maplesoft Group

I met with Nicole who was very forgiving when I realized that I had researched another company called Maplesoft (without "Group") before meeting with her and Liam. This company stands out in my mind as community oriented with an appreciation for transparency.

Nicole Saikaly, Recruiter
Maplesoft Group
545 Carling Ave. Suite 702
Ottawa ON  K1Z 8P9
Tel.: 613-226-9993

Note: They pay 30 days after you invoice them.

Portage Personnel

Going as far back as 1972, this company has been around for a very long time. I meet with the owner. Amazing guy. They are looking for consultants who are in-line with the high standards they set for themselves as they believe that quality service results in repeat customers. They pay one month after you invoice, typically at the end of a monthly. In the future however, they hope to be able to offer weekly payment of invoices.

Paul Gagnon
Portage Personnel
45 O'Connor Street, 11th floor, Suite 1150
Ottawa, ON  K1P 1A4
Tel: 819-770-6918


Meet with these folks. Although they've been around for a while, I learned that they are actively expanding into the IT side of the business. They believe in transparency and are eager to grow. They pay your invoices within 30 days after you submit it to them.

Michael Giguere / Jennifer Couture
Maxsys Group of Companies
173 Dalhousie St. Suite A
Ottawa, ON  K1N 7C7
Tel: 613-562-9943

Randstad Technologies (formerly Sapphire Technologies)

Although I haven't yet worked for them, they seem like a very descent firm. They email me inquiries every once in a while. Payment of your invoices is done within 14 days from the end of the current month.

Meghan Steeves
Randstad Technologies
1600 Carling Avenue, Suite 410
Ottawa, ON  K1Z 1G3
Tel: 613.727.1411 x3820

The AIM Group

Haven't meet these folks yet but they've bid me on an RFP which is more than I can say for some other firms around town. I recommend you give them a call and met with them.

Derek Wright
The AIM Group Inc.
126-130 Albert Street
Ottawa, ON  K1P5G4
Tel: 613-230-6991 x 240

S.i. Systems

Although I haven't yet worked for them, most of their recruiters seem pretty descent. They email me inquiries every once in a while. They pay your invoices in 30 days from the end of the previous month. Their Executive Assistant Caroline DeRepentigny seems very knowledgeable when it comes to getting security clearance.

Anthony Mikhael
S.i. Systems Ltd.
170 Laurier St., Suite 300
Ottawa, ON K1P 5V5
Tel: 613-???-????

Note: If you are more interested in private industry, see their location on Carling.

Additional Recommended Consulting Firms in Ottawa

The following consulting firms came highly recommended to me: