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Government and Business

  • Is technology complicating your life or making it easier?
  • Is technology generating stress and anxiety in your organization?
  • Are your training or customer support costs going through the roof?
  • Not sure where to turn for a solution to your business needs?
  • Need assistance resolving an issue with your Moodle LMS-based or WordPress CMS website?
  • Looking for a dedicated professional for your larger-scale project?

We can assist you. Our experts will hear you, assess your current needs and provide the best solution for your budget.

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IT Consultant Business Coaching

  • Want to start a new business as an IT Consultant? Wish your consulting business would grow faster?
  • Having trouble finding your next consulting gig?
  • Finding it difficult to stay focused and get the results you want?
  • Are you figuring out your next career move? Considering IT consulting?
  • Are you having trouble dealing with customers, employees, co-workers and family?
  • Want to learn public speaking or improve your networking skills?

Work with one of our coaches to figure out what you really want, why you want it and achieve the outcome that you really want.

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