Transform your Moodle LMS, Moodle Workplace, Totara, IOMAD or any Moodle-based site with the FilterCodes Plugin! Elevate engagement and enhance your course design and delivery using an extensive library of about 200 dynamic plain-text tags like {firstname} to create personalized learning experiences, customize your site and course content, display progress bars, simplify Contact Form customization effortlessly and much more. FilterCodes empowers educators to revolutionize Moodle into a dynamic, personalized platform. Join the community of FilterCodes enthusiasts to unlock the potential of your Moodle LMS site.

You can use FilterCodes tags anywhere that Moodle filters are supported using plain text tags to insert dynamic content and conditional logic into your course pages, menus, blocks and more. FilterCodes works by replacing simple plain text tags with relevant information or content when the page is displayed. You can use FilterCodes to create personalized, interactive and adaptive learning experiences for your students.

Here are just a few examples of the ways you could use FilterCodes plugin include:

  • Personalize your course content with the learner's name and even their photo.
  • Display certain content depending on the user's role.
  • Conditionally display content depending on whether the user is enrolled in the current course.
  • Create links that normally require the user's ID as part of the URL.
  • Insert default user information into Contact Form for Moodle forms.
  • Display the list of available courses and categories on the Front page (Home page) as cards.
  • Display alert-type boxes.
  • Create your own popup Help just like Moodle does (popup info icon also available)
  • Display the amount of disk space available to Moodle, the number of courses, the number of active students and more.
  • Display several pre-configured templates for use with the Contact Form plugin.
  • Add notes or reminders within your course content - which is only visible when editing the content.
  • Create dynamic and context-aware custom menus for students, teachers, managers and administrators (only supported by a few themes unless you apply a patch to Moodle core).
  • Customize your dashboard with dynamic content.
  • Display course progress bar and percentage.
  • Easily display FontAwesome icons almost anywhere.
  • Display content from the custom user and custom course fields on your course outline page. This can be useful for creating course templates for your organization.
  • Conditionally display content depending on which cohort, group, role or Workplace tenant is looking at the content.
  • Insert support information in every course and manage that information centrally.
  • Easily list teachers, and non-editing teachers (assistants) in your course.
  • Create buttons and charts.

It is easy to use. Best of all, no knowledge of HTML is required in order to use FilterCodes.

The FilterCodes for Moodle LMS plugin page includes information on how to install this useful but simple plugin, an up-to-date list of all the available FilterCode tags with examples and screenshots of what you should expect to see, and links for support and feature requests. You can also watch a video tutorial that shows you how to install and use FilterCodes. For more ideas on how to use FilterCodes, see Using Filter Codes to Personalize a course and Using Filter Codes to Personalize by Role.

FilterCodes is a free and open source plugin that can help you create engaging and personalized courses for your students. Try it today and see what you can do with it!