Michael Milette, President

TNG Consulting Inc. was founded by Michael Milette in 1994. We don't serve the needs of computers, we serve the needs of individuals, small and medium size businesses as well as government... people like you.

For over 20 years, our team of professionals at TNG Consulting Inc. have worked hard to meet the needs of our clients. We help people make the most of their investment in technology by getting the most value without the expense of hiring and training long term full time staff. Developing trust and reliability with our clients before, during and after a project, and delivering solutions that are sustainable after we are done are included in the delivery of all service and hence into the success of our clients.

At TNG Consulting, we understand that you are entrusting us with more than just some computers. You are entrusting us with key components in the ongoing success of your business.

What Makes Us Different?

Many firms provide resources who are specialists in specific areas. This can significantly increase your business costs when you need multiple resources to deliver specific results.

TNG Consulting delivers qualified bilingual resources who are each specialists in wide range of areas in order to better understand your needs and provide the right solutions including:

  • Website Development
  • Business Systems Analysis
  • Software Development
  • IT project management
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Technical Writing
  • Training
  • User Support

We believe people are at the heart of all success in life which is why each of our consultants are also trained business life coaches.

Our Values

  • Quality of Deliverables and Customer Service - We have a high personal and professional regard for people and our work.
  • Communications, Creativity and Sharing - We enhance the whole team experience.
  • Trust, Reliability and Respect - It's easier to keep it than to get it back.
  • Efficiency and Resourcefulness - It is pretty common for our projects to come in on-time and even sometimes under budget.
  • Ongoing Skills Upgrade - We are committed to ongoing technical and interpersonal training because more you learn, the more you realize how much more there is to know
  • Optimizing and Maximizing the Value of Your Investment - We hate to waste time, money and effort as much as you do.
  • Sustainability on all Projects - We do our best to ensure that you will be able to manage after we are done.
  • Team and Results Oriented - Its about everyone working together to achieve the desired outcome.

We value our relationships with our clients because we know it's easier to keep existing clients happy than to find new clients.