Want a website for your business? If you are like most people, you probably don't have the time or the knowledge to setup the website on your own. Creating your first website might sound simple but the fact is that there are a lot of little details that go into the creation of a professional looking business website.

Whether you are just starting up a new business or just getting around to creating a website for it, we are here to make it easy for you.

This package is specially designed for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses.

What's included? Just about everything most small businesses would need to get started such as:

  • Arranging for Web hosting service and your domain name 1
  • Creating a WordPress website whose look reflects your business brand. Don't have a look yet? We can help.
  • Installation several of essential WordPress Security and Usability Enhancements
  • A complete Search Engine Optimization package including:
    • Website Statistics Monitoring plugin installation  (is anyone visiting your site?)
    • Get your website listed on search engines (Google, Bing - does anyone know about your website?)
    • Integration with Social Media (like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+)
    • Creation of a Sign-up Forms (such as for free giveaways)
  • Creation of the following pages: Home, Products/Services, About Us, Contact Us, Articles/Blog
  • Documentation for your website including:
    • A special section to help you create content for the above pages
    • Information, User ID, Passwords associated with your site
  • One hour basic training on how to manage your website
  • Four email support sessions to answer any questions that might come up in in the 30 days following the completion of the above work.
  • 10% Customer Appreciation discount on all development and support the websites (valid for 12 months)

Additional Options:

  • Opt-In Mailing List
  • Learn how to host Teleconfence calls
  • Shopping Cart and Taking payments on-line with PayPal
  • Ongoing support and maintenance for your website

Note 1

Cost of the website hosting service and the domain name are an ongoing cost and therefore not included. The ongoing cost for web hosting is typically $7 to $10 per month and the domain is $10-20 per year. We will assist you in setting up these service.