Photoshop Tip: Display blue as blue, not purple

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Does Photoshop tend to turn the blue in your photos into purple?

When viewing photos outside of Photoshop, they actually seem to have the right colours. The first time I opened a picture in Photoshop, I was disappointed. After all, I had spent a lot of money and one would expect the colours to come out right in such an application, right?

The problem is actually a mismatch between what Photoshop believes are the correct colours and what your computer monitor actually displays. This is commonly refered to as a colour profile mismatch. The ideal solution would be to purchase a colour matching system which would allow you to teach your computer what your software, monitor and printer all think is the right shade of colours.

Fortunately there is also a quick and easy alternative solution that doesn't involve spending more money, returning the software or tossing your computer/monitor out the window.

Here's how...

In Photoshop, you will need to change settings in two places:

  1. Click Edit -> Color settings
  2. Change your settings to "Monitor Color"
  3. Click OK.
  4. Click View -> Proof Setup
  5. Select "Monitor RGB"
  6. Click OK.

Your pictures should now look the way they are supposed to.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are working on a graphic that will be going to print, be sure to change the setting back.

Now if I could just get my printer to print the right colours.

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