The Secret to Getting WinZip for Free!

Did You Know?

Since 1998, Microsoft Windows has included the ability to create compressed ZIP files (under the name "Compressed Folders"), open and extract files from ZIP files too. Applications like WinZip are now only necessary if you need to do things like create self-extracting ZIP files or password protect them. Even in these cases, there are many free alternatives available for download on the web.

Despite this, there are still folks who go out and either use WinZip without paying for it, or buy it thinking that they need it.

If the support for ZIP that is built into Windows doesn't satisfy your needs, give the FREE 7-zip a try. It has been my favourite for many years. Not only does it take care of all your ZIP files, but it also handles GZIP, TAR, RAR, ISO, and many more file formats.

WinZIP is Shareware!

A lot of people don't realize that Shareware doesn't mean it is free (called "Freeware"). Shareware means that you can try it for free but you are expected to eventually pay for it if you continue using it. If it's been awhile that you have been using it and would like to continue, please pay for it.

Shareware developers, like the fine folks at WinZip, depend on the honesty and integrity of people in order to be able to afford ongoing development of their products. So go and do the right thing. If you want something that is really free, watch for the term "Freeware".

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